Ecovets Electronics Recycling

ECOVETS is a California State EPA approved electronics collection agency devoted to environmentally friendly and safe recycling of electronics in compliance with State and Federal regulations. Our Profits benefit DAV (Disabled American Veterans). ECOVETS is based in San Marcos and services most of San Diego County.

If you would like to sponsor an electronic recycle event, Contact Us and we will contact you shortly.

Items that Benefit Us:

Multiples of TV's, computers,  monitors, laptops, remotes, cell phones, UPS, wires, power adapters, car batteries, rechargeable batteries – all working or not.  We are also looking for any items that may still have retail value that can be refurbished or resold.

Items that are a cost to us:

Printers, fax machines, copiers, shredders, kitchen and household appliances.

*We do not accept fluorescent light bulbs or alkaline (disposable) batteries.

Thank you for understanding